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Western Fjords

Norway in a Nutshell is a classic round-trip that takes you up to the mountains and down to the fjords, crossing some of the most beautiful stretches on bus, train and boat. The tour takes about nine hours. It includes the train journey from Bergen to Voss, then a bus to Gudvangen and a boat trip to Flåm, passing through the narrow Nærøyfjord. The steep 20km (12mi) train ride on the Flåm line to Myrdal crosses some of Norway’s most spectacular mountain sceneries, including the huge Kjosfossen waterfall.


Bryggen is one of Bergen’s main attractions. Walking distance from the port of Vagen, this Hanseatic Wharf is on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The wooden houses create a unique medieval atmosphere. To experience it, stroll the narrow walkways, and buy some local crafts in the small shops and galleries. Don’t miss the “skillingsboller” (cinnamon bun), a local specialty to sample at the traditional Baker Brun bakery.

Seven Mountains

Bergen is surrounded by mountains, and Fløyen and Ulriken are two of the most popular.

The Fløibanen funicular takes you from the city centre to the mountain top (320 meters / 1,050 feet) offering panoramic views over Bergen and the region. There are walking and hiking trails on the site.

Also popular is Ulriken , the highest of the seven mountains. To get there, take the bus in the city centre (next to Bergen’s Tourist Office) to the cable car station. In addition to stunning views, the Sky: skraperen restaurant offers a fish menu on the mountain.